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Posted on 12-5-2021 by Mad Dogg Athletics

It’s early in the morning, the studio is empty, and I sit quietly with a cup of coffee and my notes. I have 30 minutes before attendees arrive. The studio is clean, flipchart tripod is up, markers are laid out, my binder is ready, an inspirational quote is written on the board, and the mats are laid out for that crucial first mat class. Not my first rodeo, this is my 20th year leading Peak Pilates® Certifications; but some things never change like the preparation and fundamentals of training. Yet some things do change – namely, the attendees. I feel blessed and grateful for this. I try to never take the responsibility of leading a course lightly…never taking the students for granted.

Every training as I welcome new students, I share with them that ‘there is nowhere I would rather be – right here, right now – than teaching you.’ And I truly mean it. I am filled with joy sharing and guiding the new instructors as they begin their Pilates journeys. I know there will be feelings of joy, accomplishment, satisfaction, and pride ahead of them…as well as moments of frustration. I know each individual is unique and learns differently. Just as my students have truly taught me how to look at movement and how to truly teach Pilates, my teachers have taught me how to lead by serving, how to bring a more personal touch to the syllabus.

The door creaks open – my first student is here and this Level I group will soon gather to meet one another, learn about the course, and gain a personal connection to each other, me, and the Peak Pilates® Classical Certification work. It’s time to make movement magic!

If you are a Comprehensive instructor and have ever thought about becoming a Master Instructor, now is the time! We are accepting applicants for our upcoming virtual Master Instructor Camp. Don’t delay, the deadline is May 30th.

Email today!

USA/Canada- Nikki Boudreaux (Nboudreaux@peakpilates.com)

Europe/ Middle East/ Africa – Andre Struik (Astruik@maddogg.com)

Mexico/ Central & S. America/ Asia- Luvia Montelongo (Lmontelongo@maddogg.com)


Article written by Zoey Trap, MS.

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