7 Tips for Hosting a Virtual Class

Posted on 18-12-2020 by Mad Dogg Athletics

In years' past, Pilates studios have celebrated the holiday season and New Year in a variety of fun ways—parties, lights, even special themed classes. This year’s celebrations may undoubtedly be different, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be celebrated!

If you're considering scheduling a virtual holiday or New Year celebration class, it’s not too late. Below are some details to think through:

  1. Will the class be on Zoom, Facebook Live or Instagram? Or perhaps a mix of all three...
  2. Free or fee? If you are charging a fee, consider making it a donation-based class to a local charity or a good cause in the community.
  3. Will there be one or more instructors? If you can get instructors together safely, you might rotate through teachers per section.
  4. What kind of theme appeals to you and your community? You might lead participants in welcoming the New Year by letting go of the old with movement to release stagnant energy. You can also set intentions for the New Year with a silent meditation or writing prompts. You can even have a fun dance party at the end of the Pilates practice. There are endless ideas to explore...
  5. Music or no music? Music can be tricky with virtual classes so be sure to test music in advance and make sure your voice can be heard over the music.
  6. Plan multi-level variations so all participants feel comfortable.
  7. If your group is small enough, you might stay on after class to build in some connective social time.

Note that this is a perfect time to get creative and welcome in new traditions to your studio and your wider community as well. As we adapt, we also expand and grow into new practices and traditions. At Peak Pilates®, we hold hope in our hearts for the wonderful times to come in 2021 and beyond. We wish you the very best this holiday season!Welcome 2021

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