Peak Pilates Master Instructor Camps

Posted on 7-2-2020 by Mad Dogg Athletics

We continue to grow! We have two upcoming International Camps – one in Tokyo next month and one slated for July in Europe.

The Asian Camp, hosted by Pilates Alliance, will draw together candidates from Japan, Korea and Australia. This camp will be conducted in three languages simultaneously: Japanese, Korean and English. It will be led by Zoey Trap and assisted by Kayoko Takada (Level IV MI) and Taeyeon Kim (Level III MI). Attendees are already hard at work taking the online Peak Pilates MI Skills Program, studying exercise libraries, preparing case studies, taking exams, and of course, getting ready to show up and shine. You may be curious as to what a typical day looks like…

Generally, camp participants are split into pods to allow for small group interaction, and so that the leaders can provide maximal individual attention. The day starts with an inspirational welcome, followed by a master class illustrating high-level teaching of the Peak Pilates 5-Part Formula for Success. The rest of the day is a combination of workshops, drills, technique study, and coaching. Candidates are assigned discussions and drills to lead, workshops to put into motion, and coaching skills to employ. All of this hard work sets up the participants for success in their first teachings. Each day ends on a high motivational note with a community sharing about the day’s discoveries, rewards and challenges.

At Peak Pilates, we know that our success is dependent on the strength of our MI Team. It is not an easy path to walk… MI’s must apply, be accepted, prepare for camp, assess successfully in theory, teaching, and technique, and then co-teach under an experienced Senior MI Mentor.  We are a team in every way, and life-long friendships are forged at Camp.

If you are a comprehensive instructor with a studio out of which to work, and would like to apply to become an MI, email Nikki Boudreaux (nboudreaux@peakpilates.com) and request an application.

Peak Pilates Master Instructor Camps

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