Studio Spotlight: Pure Pilates, Norwell, MA

Posted on 4-11-2019 by Mad Dogg Athletics

At Pure Pilates, Master Instructor Pam Garcia delivers sessions and education that preserve the Classical method developed by Joe and Clara Pilates. Pam shares how she helps the community both inside and outside her studio!

Q: Tell us about Pure Pilates. How did your studio get started?

A: After spending years traveling between New York City, Boston and everywhere in between for trainings and workshops, I contemplated opening my own studio. At the recommendation of one of my mentors, Clare Dunphy, I opened my own studio in 2005 near my hometown on the South Shore of Massachusetts. I could lead trainings myself, and I wouldn’t have to travel!

Q: How did you begin your Pilates journey? What was your path toward becoming a Peak Pilates MI?

A: I had been practicing Contrology all of my life beginning as a young child and competitive gymnast. When I was preparing for my wedding in 1986, I took a “synergy” class, which was actually Pilates mat. After conversation with the teacher, I was intrigued with who Joseph Pilates was and how he developed the Method. That was the beginning; I have had the luxury of participating in most of the reputable Pilates schools in the Classical world, as well as contemporary and rehabilitation methods, earning certificates of completion in all.

Q: What made you choose Peak Pilates® over other Pilates providers?

A: Personally, I have chosen to align myself to Peak Pilates® because of their commitment to the traditional Method. The curriculum addresses learning styles of every student while conforming to the Classical syllabus. The teaching assets are the best in the industry.

Q: What kind of clients do you serve at Pure Pilates?

A: Pure Pilates is a full service Pilates studio with a comprehensively certified staff. Our client base varies from the de-conditioned students to elite Pilates teachers and athletes. Our philosophy is to always be all-inclusive. We have injured clients that we see for 30 minutes working congruently with their physical therapy, as well as elite professional athletes that are in or off season depending on their sport.
Pam Garcia

Q: What is the most popular Pilates class that your studio offers?

A: As a full service Pilates Studio, Pure Pilates offers private and semi-private sessions on the apparatus in the Pilates studio. There is also group mat, PilatesStick® and chair classes in the mind/body studio.

Q: What is your favorite Pilates class to teach? What is your favorite apparatus to teach on?

A: I want everyone else to love Pilates as much as I do, so my favorite Pilates class and apparatus to teach are whatever the student in front of me needs. However, I must admit, they will always do chair, and I love the wunda chair!

Q: Why did you choose Peak Pilates® equipment for your club?

A: Every piece of apparatus has its advantages for a particular client. One of the most important options that the Peak Pilates® Artistry TWS offers is the variation of spring load. Originally, all exercises were designed on springs with the same tension. The option of different loads delineated by color has brought a new opportunity for the Pilates teacher.

Q: In your opinion, what makes Peak Pilates® equipment special?

A: Peak Pilates® apparatus is not just apparatus; it’s beautiful furniture. The engineers at Peak Pilates® work closely with teachers to understand what Pilates is. Then they use their brilliance to create apparatus that is functional on its highest level, as well as cost-effective to studios like ours.

Q: We're very excited for the holiday season! Do you have any special events planned at Pure Pilates in the coming holidays?

A: Pure Pilates focuses on the elderly during the holiday season, and not just in the studio. In lieu of gifts, my staff will donate to Meals on Wheels or local senior centers. Our elderly neighbors need a lot support, and they are often easily forgotten during the cold winter months. I want them to know that we love and appreciate them. I like to remember those that came before us and try and make their lives a little happier during the holidays.

Pure Pilates
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