New Tutorials on Pilates Anytime Featuring Zoey Trap and Kathryn Coyle

Posted on 8-1-2016 by Mad Dogg Athletics

Peak Pilates® Senior Master Instructors Zoey Trap and Kathryn Coyle are featured on Pilates Anytime in the tutorial “Lazy Butts Drive Me Nuts!”

We activate the Powerhouse through every exercise, but do you activate the heel to seat connection?

“Lazy Butts Drive Me Nuts!” will help you generate ideas for cues on how to make students aware of this connection and how to correct their form. After all, you can never have too many cues!

Sessions that feature the heel-to-seat connection are crucial because they improve function and quality, not just in your Pilates practice, but also in many everyday activities. These sessions are proven to be successful at the WSSC Conference and the Pilates Empowerment Summit, and now they are available to stream through Pilates Anytime!

Grab your ball and band and get started today! To find out more about quality tutorials, subscribe to our newsletter!

Zoey and Kathyrn
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